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                                                     Motor controls, MCCB’s & VFD’s

                                                                      LV Variable Frequency Drives up to 700HP, Contactors 7A—2100A, Overloads, Manual Motor Starters, LV UL1066 Air Circuit Breakers, UL 489 Molded Case Breakers and UL1077/UL489 Miniature Circuit Breakers, MV Vacuum breakers

LSIS USA’s mission will focus on the following product areas:

Variable Frequency Drives (both low and medium voltage) Electrical Power Components  (contactors, relays, manual motor starters, mccbs, air & vacuum circuit breakers)

From 1974 to 2004, LG Industrial Systems thrived domestically throughout Asia and throughout the Middle East with success in a wide range of industries.  In 2005, the company was renamed LSIS under the LS Group of companies.

LSIS is committed to innovation – investing significantly in R&D to deliver cost competitive, industry leading solutions, which  exceed our customer’s expectations.

In June 2011, eager to expand its domestic leadership position into a global one, LSIS announced expansion into North America as its highest global growth priority.


The establishment of LSIS USA soon followed with the incorporation of its US operation  in November of 2012.  LSIS USA’s core mission is to establish the LSIS brand in the United States and Canada, and  position the company for long term growth.

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