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FLEXIBAR, Copper and Stainless Steel Braids, DIN Rail Profiles
Distribution Blocks Distribution Blocks.

The ERIFLEX System of low-voltage, space-saving components for electrical panels have proven reliability and time-saving benefits, backed by superior technical support.

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Busbar Supports ERICO offers ERIFLEX® Busbar Supports, including our innovative Compact Adjustable Busbar Support (CABS).

Cabling Sleeves ERICO offers a compact range of ERIFLEX polyamide cable sleeves.

Copper Busbars ERICO offers more than 50 types of electrolytic copper bars – plain, punched or threaded. Earthing parts are also offered.

DIN Profiles ERICO offers DIN rail profiles and a cutting and punching tool for din profiles.

ERIFLEX® ERILINK Busduct The ERIFLEX® ERILINK system is a collection of standard, tested components for use in developing tailored busduct systems.

ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR is the preferred conductor for panelboard designers and assemblers throughout Europe and the Americas. It has many years of proven low voltage application success worldwide.

Low Voltage Insulators Low-cost stand-off insulators isolate electrical conductors (eg. ground bars) from their mechanical mounting – preventing short circuits.

Metallic Braids ERICO offers a wide range of metallic braids for all your earthing applications and power connections.


Power Distribution Blocks ERICO offers an

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