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                                   Relays, Timers, control panel components

Finder Relays is a global manufacturer of Relays and Timers since 1954. As the original manufacturer, we are able to produce with a high degree of specialization and have offered over 10,000 different products.

We are able to make sure our customers have one of the largest product ranges available in todays market for their every application. Finder Relays has the widest range of international quality approvals of any relay manufacturer, offering our customers only the highest quality products. Our numerous Control Panel Components #CPC are designed to help our customers with ease of design and installation for their innovations. The Finder Relay USA office was opened in 1993 to serve the North American market place. Our headquarters is located in Georgia, where we stock 1000’s of electromechanical relays, solid state relays, timers, accessories and our newest innovation, the 39 Series, interface relays.

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